* Providing high - quality employee catering solutions and other hospitality for industrial Canteens.

Offsite Catering:

* ZENITH to tap corporate segment in offsite cateringTo capitalize on the growing corporate hubs like.


* Providing nutrition - enriched and high quality meal with strict hygiene process to Schools,.

Health Care:

* Providing diet meal for patients round the clock with stringent hygiene process to Hospitals across.

Oilfields & Maritime:

* One of our core segment of the company, extending catering and hospitality services to the oil fiel.

Remote Site & Defence Catering:

* Catering & hospitality services being provided to projects at the remote sites which are located.

Guest Houses:

* Providing high quality food and services to the busy transiting business executives seeking serene.


* Coming soon....

Commercial complexes:

* Coming soon....